Success = Long Obedience in the Same Direction


Is The Grass Greener On The Other Side?

There is a fine line between hope and delusion: too often I hear people say their lives would be oh-so-much better if they changed careers, changed cities, changed friends and relationships, etc. I'm all for change, but I've seen so many people make really big changes in their lives expecting things to be vastly better, only to discover certain persistent fundamentals remain or new issues emerge to replace those that we thought would be eliminated by the change.

Evolution, learning and growth are essential to stimulate a healthy existence. I think of a friend of mine who has moved from city to city thinking that each move would produce a better, more enriched life. Each move has delivered new disappointments, and some have produced identical or very similar disappointments. Some people quit too easily and fear doing the work necessary to make things click.  Real, meaningful success usually doesn't happen overnight. Real success with anything requires hard work, overcoming hurdles, failures, new methods, modifying plans, patience, and perseverance. Some people simply quit too easily thinking the grass is greener on the other side. In an impatient world where some expect instant gratification and rewards 'sticking with it' may be something worth considering.

Calmly, slowly and steadily building on solid foundations can ultimately produce the desired results, and often allow you to exceed expectations. I always have such admiration for really long, solid relationships and extended efforts that have more than likely weathered challenging patches, but through the tougher times have learned and evolved and strengthened.

There certainly are times when quitting is essential and the only rational option. Quitting with the excitement of a 'next phase' - knowing it too will have its challenges - is different from quitting because you expect things to be far better simply because of the change. Doing so, however, should be very carefully considered, after taking a really accurate inventory. Before blaming others, conditions, circumstances, places, people, etc for your predicament, start with a long hard look in the mirror: YOU are the common denominator of any change you may make. 

Written by Leonard Steinberg of Compass RE

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