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The way real estate is sold HAS CHANGED! That’s why The Brandenburg | Cournoyer (BC) Team works with Compass RE, the leading, technology first, real estate company in the game. Made up of like-minded individuals we have a common purpose to provide the best experience for our clients when purchasing residential or commercial real estate. We specialize in fine living and luxury residential real estate, as well as raw land, land development, warehousing, and leasing for commercial real estate. We deeply value relationships and make it our daily goal to establish and build existing and new ones. As some of the top agents in both Davidson and Williamson Counties, The BC Team is ready to help you buy or sell your next property.

We believe you should love where you live!

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Is now a good time to buy a house? That is one of the most searched questions on Google right now. Brian Cournoyer with Compass Real Estate joins us to help answer this question. The simple answer is yes! Now is a great time to buy a home. We’ll look at the real numbers to show you why the answer is yes. According to the Home Affordability Index, based on history there has never been a better time to buy over the last 30 years than right now. This is because home prices have remained pretty steady, demand is strong, supply is low, and interest rates are staying historically low. If you are a numbers geek, we’ll give you a real-world example of what we’re talking about on how you can save money if you buy now vs waiting until later. If you’re renting a home right now, talk to someone about buying a home to save money long-term.

Brian was very professional, caring an always went the extra mile trying to be of help! Brian did great research to identify potential properties and was a good list...
John D.
Jamie is highly professional and helpful. I would highly recommend Jamie if you are looking for someone who will go the extra mile for you.
Brian was great! He helped me fully understand every step of the process, and always made me feel comfortable during my first home sale experience.
Brian is sharp, high energy and knows what he is talking about. He’s very professional and a joy to do business with.
Jim M.
Brian was very professional, He did great research to identify potential properties and was a good listener so he only showed me properties that met my specific crit...
John B.
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The BC Team are proven real estate experts specializing in the greater Nashville area. First-class service, super-star resumes and a passion for real estate make this team unstoppable.
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